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Creative Sunday Afternoon

For a creative Sunday afternoon, you will need tea, and the sun to come through just right onto the flowers in a jar on the table.

You will need to feel a little sleepy from the night before, when you stayed out late, when you wore a beautiful dress, when you smiled and clinked glasses with the others, when you felt alive and young.

You will need a book, something slow and contemplative, maybe poetry or a book about religion or meditation or a canonical novel or a literary magazine or an anthology.

You will need a notebook, something you can write in. You will need it to have large pages for splashy ideas and room to draw lines and arrows and upside-down lists. You will need a yellow pencil.

You will need a seat that is soft and swingy.

Finally, you will need to close your laptop, and swing in the soft chair, and set your teeth around your pencil, and open your book.


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