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New Year News

I’m a little late for the new year, but 2016 still feels new to me–the plants have retreated deep into their bodies, the rabbits huddle under my porch, and the season hasn’t shifted into dynamic springtime yet. Still winter. Still new.


I’ve retreated, too.

I finished my MFA in December, and left Laramie and my beautiful community there  for a more remote part of Wyoming.


Since late January, I’ve been living on a ranch in northern Wyoming. I live alone and work for the ranch and I write. Mostly, I spend my time alone–writing, running, reading, cooking, walking. It’s a good post-MFA writer’s life, for a little while. An idea incubator and maybe a human (me) reboot.


More about the ranch later. But for now, NEWS:

I was featured on an episode of Willow Belden’s incredible podcast, Out There! The episode is my essay about failing a thru-hike. Check it out here.

Also in January, I had my own episode on HumaNature, the podcast I produced! To bid me farewell, they featured my story about working at a dinosaur quarry in Utah, and having my views about religion and science challenged. Check it out here.

The world will emerge soon from winter, but before it does, I’m relishing the cold, new feeling of the year. I hope you are, too, even if it’s warmer there.



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